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Kavita Gupta Consensys

Meet Kavita Gupta ConsenSys venture Former head. The Leading Mind Behind The blockchain/Crypto/ Financial Technology Space

Kavita Gupta Consensys former member, is an Indian American entrepreneur. Kavita Gupta, Consensys ex member is best known for her powerful TED Talk, What if the world had only one currency? She is the founder abd feveral partner of Delta Blockchain Fund. She is also the co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer, and host of Fintech.TV, a New York-based financial media outlet.

Her work spans four continents, with the World Bank, IFC, and the Schmidt Family Office - the family foundation of Alphabet Inc. executive Eric Schmidt, thus establishing innovative investment funds in the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, and the United States.

Kavita Gupta Consensys

Kavita Gupta Consensys, former head  did her early schooling at St. Xavier's School, further, she received degrees in Computer Management & Communications and Information Technology from IP University, Delhi. Kavita Gupta also studied International Trade & Economics at The George Washington University.

Kavita Gupta Consensys

Kavita Gupta Consensys, Ex member has extensive experience in both the global venture capital and digital asset markets. She was initially the Founding Managing Partner of Consensys Ventures, where she supervised the company's unique VC-hedge fund, as well as the creation of Tachyon- Accelerator and the company's footprints in India.


Ms. Gupta originally established the Delta Blockchain Fund in September 2021, a strategic Early stage investment fund that closed after acquiring about $60 million in undertakings from a diverse group of investors.


She also leads Delta Growth Fund, a growth stage blockchain investment fund. Kavita Gupta started Consensys ventures as the Founding Managing Partner and founded Tachyon apart from this she was the Board Member at Dusk Foundation.  Soon she moved up the corporate ladder and became the director of finance.
As Director of Finance at Consensys, Kavita Gupta has been in charge of managing the financial operations of the company, including budgeting, forecasting, and financial reporting. She has been crucial in raising capital for the com
pany. She played a key role in the company’s growth and success.One of the major issues faced by Kavita Gupta is regulatory compliance in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. She has been actively involved in making sure that Consensys follows all the relevant regulations. She has also been actively involved in building partnerships and collaborations in the industry. This has positioned Consensys as a leader in the blockchain space. 

Kavita Gupta, Consensys former member has been appointed chairwoman of the Dusk Network's Non-Executive Board. Kavita is a well-known figure in the traditional finance world, as well as one of the first blockchain pioneers.


She is a visiting scholar and lecturer at prestigious Stanford University where she teaches Beyond Bitcoin 101 class along with prof Jan Liphardt who is also the co-founder of Boba network- Layer 2 protocol


Run a $250 million+ UN SDG-aligned fund that invests in technologies that provide first-time or low-cost access around the world.

Ex-Alphabet Inc. executive and Google CEO Eric Schmidt's Schmidt Family Office entrusted her with mission investing.

Visiting Scholar at Stanford University, co-founder of the Distributed Trust Initiative, and instructor for "Beyond Bitcoin."

For the past 16 years, she has established innovative investment funds through the World Bank, IFC  in East Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and most recently the United States.

She also serves on the boards and advisory boards of many foundations around the world, including the Google accelerator social track, MIT Solve (Sr. Advisor), the Vatican's Right Now Foundation for impact investments, and the Mandela Foundation, among others.

 Kavita Gupta consensys former member take on upcoming Crypto winter.

In the latest article with CNBC, kavita gupta consensys former member the delta blockchain founder and general partner and an equity holder in FTX  shares she ahres here views on the FTX shares valuation and about the upcoming crypto winter and how people are unable to see the upcoming crypto risks involved she also stated some tweets about why FTX  have such an amazing risk management at fdx none of the customer money ever moved so you always have liquidity but She stated in her interview that: those investments to zero potentially their ability to deploy money elsewhere ah them possibly being locked up in other crypto-related ah companies that are also taking huge hits evaluation just because of this this larger crisis of confidence in this industry i think what you said is definitely a lot of really multibillion dollar fund would have to put it down to zero.

Click Here to watch full interview

Overview of Deltafund

Kavita Gupta Consensys former head, founded Delta Blockchain Fund in September 2021 as an early-stage strategic blockchain fund. They are a strategic, product-driven global fund that supports an interoperable ecosystem by partnering with extraordinary founders and communities in the Web 3.0 space.
From product vision to market partnerships to scale their companies to unimaginable heights, they believe in partnering with our founders every step of the way.
The Delta Blockchain Fund is interested in investing in a variety of Blockchain-related verticals, including DEFI, NFTs technology, decentralized identity, storage and computation, play-to-earn economies, Web 3.0 analytics, and more.

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