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Delta Blockchain Fund By Kavita Gupta 

Delta Blockchain Fund is an early-stage strategic blockchain fund, founded by Kavita Gupta in September 2021. We are a strategic, product-driven global fund partnering with extraordinary founders and communities in the Web 3.0 space to support an interoperable ecosystem. We believe in partnering with our founders every step of the way, from product vision to market partnerships to scaling their companies to immeasurable heights. The core team has been in the space since 2013, with Daniel Novy building one of the first Bitcoin exchanges and Kavita Gupta playing with Bitcoin mining as an early adopter. Their paths overlapped with their shared belief in Ethereum. Daniel was one of the earliest employees at Consensys building new products on Ethereum when none existed; Kavita started Consensys Ventures in 2017 as General Partner and built Tachyon - the first ever blockchain accelerator program in the space before leaving in 2019. She both personally and from the fund invested very early on in some of the biggest companies in the space today such as BlockFi, Sorare, Starkware, Polygon, Dapper Lab, Anchorage, Coinhouse, and PDAX.. Vince Molinari brought with him years of regulatory experience, including the authoring of numerous early advocacy petitions in order to advance Web 3.0 adding the unique value with his regulatory know how in the space. 


The team has expanded to include more new-age builders and talented investors who have innovated the space in DEFi, NFTs and play-to-earn economies. 


Delta Blockchain Fund is looking to invest into several verticals revolving around Blockchain technologies, such as DEFI, NFTs tech, decentralized identity, storage and computation, play-to-earn economies, Web 3.0 analytics, and more.


If you are a founder who has an idea which will have a generational impact on tech, users, and inclusivity at a global scale, contact us to be part of your journey! 

Delta's Macro Vision

The Delta team is excited and humbled to have backed multiple entrepreneurs who have built sector-defining products. These companies will continue to be at the forefront of innovation and will build an ecosystem of talents which will continue to innovate business models in the future. Delta wants to grow and support new cutting-edge technologies across various sectors in order to onboard the first 10M then 100M and eventually 1B users on-chain.


Reach out if you’re building something new.

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