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​​Delta Blockchain Fund by Kavita Gupta is an early-stage strategic blockchain fund, founded by Kavita Gupta in September 2021. We are a strategic, product-driven global fund partnering with extraordinary founders and communities in the blockchain space to support an interoperable ecosystem. We believe in being strategic partners at every step with our founders.


Delta Fund | TEAM

The core team has been in the space since 2013, from Daniel Novy who built one of the first Bitcoin exchanges, to Kavita Gupta who initially played with bitcoin mining before going deep in Ethereum.  Their path overlapped with their belief in Ethereum. Daniel was one of the earliest employees at Consensys, where he built new products in the Ethereum space where none existed, while Kavita, who started at Consensys Ventures in 2017 as a general partner, built Tachyon - the first-ever blockchain accelerator program in the space.

Kavita Gupta


Delta Blockchain Fund has actively partnered with entrepreneurs since the beginning of Delta's lifecycle in September 2021. We’re proud to have backed multiple companies and to have remained their cheerleader throughout their journey.



 The Blockchain ecosystem is still in its infancy and is evolving very fast in multiple directions, including various blockchains, protocols, scaling solutions, play-to-earn games, open finance solutions, amongst many others. Delta continues to publish cutting-edge research on topics that matter most to us (and the industry).

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List of opportunities from our portfolio and friend’s companies from Web3.0 across the world. Find them and join the outstanding founders.