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Delta Blockchain Fund

Building the Future of Blockchain Innovation


Delta Blockchain Fund

Delta Blockchain Fund is an early-stage venture capital fund lighting the path of blockchain innovation by supporting developers and visionaries building the world of decentralization.


Founded in 2021 by World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC), and ConsenSys alumna Kavita Gupta, Delta Blockchain Fund invests in companies revolutionizing the decentralized space by building real-world use cases from decentralized databases, identity, data indexing solutions to crypto native applications like DeFi, NFTs, blockchain gaming, scaling, cross-chain analytics etc. 


Delta Blockchain Fund Team

Meet the Delta Blockchain Fund team, a powerhouse collective of thought leaders helping shape the future of blockchain since 2013.

Spearheading this group of visionaries is founder and General Partner Kavita Gupta, an industry stalwart with an illustrious career spanning the World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC), the family office of Google’s former CEO Erick Schmidt, ConsenSys, and FintechTV. She is also a visiting scholar at the prestigious Stanford University where she teaches the course Beyond Bitcoin.

Kavita Gupta

Delta Blockchain Fund Portfolio Companies

Delta Blockchain Fund’s portfolio companies are an ambitious collection of trailblazers, pioneering transformative applications of blockchain technology. These ventures share Delta Blockchain Fund’s belief in a decentralized, private, and financially inclusive future, each contributing to the dynamic, evolving landscape of Web3.


Delta Blockchain Fund Research

Delta Blockchain Fund is a leading contributor to blockchain thought leadership, producing in-depth research papers that probe the latest innovations in the field. 


These publications provide essential insights, data, and analysis, driving industry understanding of the ever evolving Web3 landscape.

Deltafund Blockchain Fund
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Open Source Project

Delta Blockchain Fund serves as a catalyst to innovation and as a platform for sharing groundbreaking open source projects. Our tech team explores the transformative power of open source projects, enabling collaboration and driving innovation across the decentralized community

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